Picture of a young girl and her brotherWhy Easter Seals and Autism?
More than a generation ago, Easter Seals was front and center during the polio epidemic, working tirelessly to help children and adults with polio gain the skills they needed to live independently through medical rehabilitation and various therapies. And now, Easter Seals is the country’s leading provider of services for people with autism today.

Help and Hope for 85 Years
Easter Seals has been providing services and support to children and adults with disabilities, and to the families who love them, for more than 85 years. Over the last 20 years, Easter Seals has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people with autism the organization serves -- both through its services developed specifically for people with autism and through services that include children and adults with autism among other service recipients.

As Many as 1 in 110 Children Now Diagnosed
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new findings on the prevalence of autism validate what many have believed for some time -- autism is an epidemic of our time. The fact is, many families are living with autism today and there is an urgent need for increased funding, services and supports for individuals with autism.

Autism is Treatable
While there is no known cause or cure, nor one single effective treatment, autism is treatable. People with autism, at any age, are capable of making significant progress through personalized interventions and therapy; and can and do lead meaningful lives. That’s where Easter Seals comes in. Getting the right support at the earliest stage in life can help a child gain the skills he or she needs to be successful.

Until There’s a Cure... There’s Easter Seals
While there are a number of organizations researching to find the cause and cure for autism, Easter Seals is unique as the nation’s leading provider of services and support for children and adults living with autism and their families. We’re working internationally to provide children and adults with autism individualized treatment plans and comprehensive services.

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