Children’s Services

Adult taking care of childrenEaster Seals offers a wide range of services for children that help meet your family’s needs. For young children, Easter Seals provides Early Intervention, child care, respite, and pediatric therapy. As your child gets older, Easter Seals is there continuing to offer child care and respite services, as well as camping and recreation programs.

At each stage of your child’s life, you can trust that Easter Seals will be there to help support your child’s healthy development

In addition to services for children, we also support parents. For example, here’s a Top Ten list to help you choose a quality child care center for your child

How to Identify Top Quality Child Care

  1. Are children and parents welcome and are the children greeted in a warm and respectful manner?
  2. Do the caregivers and their child care practices respond to the child’s abilities, interests, and experiences?
  3. Are the caregivers willing to work with you developing individualized plans and achieving goals?
  4. Are caregivers trained in CPR, First Aid, and in early child development and special needs?
  5. Do the child care centers provide Medical Rehabilitation such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy?
  6. Does the center provide daily, monthly, and semi-annual progress reports and announcements on special events?
  7. Do the personnel have open communication with parents?  Are they willing to respond adequately to their needs?
  8. Does the child care center use safety standards and is it readily accessible (ramps, play area, bathrooms)?
  9. Do the materials, books, and tools reflect diversity and inclusion for children with special needs?
  10. Do the caregivers really listen to you and see your child and the other children as special and exceptional children?

Print this page and take it with you while you are looking for a Child Care program for your child. Ask questions and take notes on everything you see and hear.