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Christian's Story of Hope

Christian's Story of HopeThirteen year old Christian has a will to live. Christian was hit by a car at the age of 4. He was in a coma for two weeks, and remained in the hospital for three months. Because of the accident, Christian suffers from involuntary movements and a lack of balance. Despite this, the strength of his parents helped him get out of his wheelchair. Christian’s goal is to achieve the highest rank in Boy Scouts; he wishes to become an Eagle Scout.

Christian started off as a Cub Scout and is now the Quartermaster of his troop, in charge of keeping track of the troop’s belongings. Everyone says that he is the life of the group.

Christian’s favorite scouting activities include hiking, camping, tying knots, lighting fires, and horse back riding. “My goal is to become an Eagle Scout by age 15 because it’s an honor, shows that I did everything right, and that I learned a lot  showing that I could do it. We’re all the same  in my troop because we all have the same patches,” says the young boy who is two ranks away from being an Eagle Scout. His role model in Scouting is his older brother Michael.

Christian plays basketball and is very talented at ”Gotcha,” an extreme sport. He’s also on a soccer team and wishes to become an athlete regardless of the sport. His parents Michael and Vanessa have made sure to get Christian involved in a variety of activities and sports. They have seen the positive role activities play in the development and healing of their son.
Christian has been at Easter Seals Puerto Rico since he was 6 years old and this month he will take part in a 10k race on a modified bicycle.

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Meet Christian

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